ARC South Sudan is a construction company that specializes in building and maintaining road networks, bridges, and buildings across South Sudan. We work in partnership with the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to improve infrastructure and connectivity in the country.

ARC South Sudan operates primarily across various regions of South Sudan, including the Central Equatorial Region, the Bahr-El-Ghazal Region, the Eastern Equatorial Region, the Western Equatorial Region , the Upper Nile Region, and other areas.

ARC South Sudan has completed and is actively constructing and maintaining numerous projects, including the Juba Urban Roads Network, Bahr El Ghazal Road Network, and the Juba-Bor Roads (98% Complete), among others.

ARC South Sudan is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, which include building schools, and health facilities, renovating Payam administration facilities, clean water points, creating deeper access roads and providing employment opportunities to local communities.

ARC South Sudan contributes to local communities by hiring and training locals, supporting education and healthcare infrastructure, and engaging in sustainable development projects.

ARC South Sudan encounters challenges such as financial constraints, logistical complexities, shortages of materials such as aggregates, fuel shortages, extreme weather conditions, and the difficulty of importing bitumen due to global freight challenges and South Sudan’s landlocked status.

For inquiries about job opportunities, partnerships, or collaboration, please contact us through our website, social media or directly reach our team by visiting ARC Head Office, Nimra Talata, Kokora Road, Juba, South Sudan.

ARC South Sudan is committed to sustainable construction practices and environmental protection. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and implement eco-friendly solutions where possible. This includes efforts such as logistical route optimization to reduce transportation emissions, maintaining our equipment and engines to minimize exhaust emissions, and integrating proper drainage systems into our projects to manage water runoff responsibly.

You can contact ARC South Sudan through our website’s contact form or by emailing us at info@africaresourcescorporation.com or call us through +211 927 773 000. Our team will respond to your inquiries promptly.

ARC South Sudan periodically offers job opportunities to qualified South Sudanese nationals. Please visit our careers page for current openings and application details.